We are Robocat

Product builders from Copenhagen

Each of our adventures are guided by a strong sense of craftsmanship and we're always trying to imbue our products with a touch of wonder. In short – we love building things.

Be My Eyes

Lend your eyes to the blind


Push your vocabulary to the limit


The tiny thermometer for your smartphone


Put some color on your forecast


Track your favorite TV Shows


The simple approach to weather

101 Airborne

Intense 3D top-scrolling arcade action

Treasure Trouble

Worlds first action tracking puzzler


Reinventing the Weather Forecast


The worlds sexiest UV meter

We're a passionate group of people striving for pixel perfection, the elegant code and the great story

Willi Wu

Founder & Lead Developer

Michael Flarup

Founder & Lead Designer

Ulrik Damm

iOS & OS X Developer

Kristian Andersen

iOS & Frontend Developer

Simon Støvring

iOS & OS X Developer

Charlotte Jørgensen

Office Manager & Support

Vladimir Keleshev

Backend & OS X Developer

Andor Uhlár

Backend Developer

Max Sagasser

Business Development

Christian Enevoldsen

iOS Intern

Emil Baehr